Book Birthing Pains

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If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted a blog lately, it’s because I’ve been on deadline for my last book in the Overnight Billionaire Series, Waking Up with a Billionaire.  There are a lot of deadlines in writing.  Outline and synopsis deadlines.  Revisions (1st, 2nd, and hopefully not 3rd) deadlines.  Copyedit deadlines.  Proof deadlines.  Blog tour deadlines. (Which reminds me.  I need to answers some Q&A’s and get them in.)  But the most crucial is the first manuscript deadline.  This is when your book has to be finished and have all the right parts—great plot, snappy dialogue, well-developed characters, and that happily-ever-after that makes you sigh with contentment.

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to devise the perfect writing schedule so that this last week won’t be a crazy one.  And guess what?  I’ve failed miserably.  Regardless of hitting my daily word count, editing those pages the following morning, doing an overall edit the last month (including reading the book aloud), the last week before a deadline is still CRAZY!  It’s a little like birthing a baby.  After all the months of monitoring every kick and heartbeat of your story and the hours of labor-edit pains, when the nurse/editor wants to take that baby to weigh it and makes sure everything is okay, you just don’t want to let go.  “Wait, let me count the toes again.  Just to make sure everything is perfect.”  And all fifteen (yes, fifteen.  Yay!) of my deadlines have been the same.  Which is why I’ve learned to accept the fact that the last week is going to be a hectic madhouse of craziness.  I’m going to be so wrapped up in getting my story just right, I’m going to put milk in the cupboard, orange juice in my coffee, and wash my hair with dog shampoo.  I’m going to get little sleep and eat tons of chocolate with zero time for making healthy dinners, grocery shopping, housecleaning, social networking . . . or blogging.  

So why do I keep doing this to myself?  Well, because I have these characters in my head that want me to tell their story.  And because once that nurse/editor checks everything out and I go through a few more deadlines, I get to see my precious baby out in the world.  Which makes all the spoiled milk, orange coffee, and free-from-ticks-and-fleas hair well worth it.:o)


Take note that Unwrapped is almost sold out. Yay!:o)






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  1. Teresa Williams says:

    I wondered where you were .I knew I hadn’t seen you on Facebook that much .Missed you but keep those good books coming.Happy Thanksgiving!

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