Falling for a Cowboy’s Smile is only $3.99!!!

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The fourth book in my Tender Heart Texas series is here! Falling for a Cowboy’s Smile is on sale now for only $3.99 at all eTailers! 

My cute Dirk and Gracie





















2 responses to “Falling for a Cowboy’s Smile is only $3.99!!!”

  1. Amy Lemmons says:

    Love these tender heart series, when is the fifth book coming out. Can’t wait!😀

    • katie says:

      Hi Amy! So sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I’m suppose to be notified when I get a response to my blogs, but something went a little awry. I’m sure you probably have the answer to this question by now, but Falling for a Christmas Cowboy came out in November. And if you didn’t get it yet, I’ll send you a copy to apologize for the lengthy wait for a reply. I’m so glad you liked the series. I loved writing it. Dirk’s sisters stories are coming soon! Check out my home page.

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