The New Member of the Lane Family!

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Meet Roo, the newest addition to the Lane Family.  She’s a ten-week old cairn terrier and the cutest thing ever.  She arrived from Portland, Oregon on Thursday.  I was stressing about her flying, but she seemed to be fine when we opened up her crate.  I got to the cargo pickup early with two excited grandbabes in tow.  We waited for what seemed like forever before the freight guy opened up the big garage door and pointed to a dog crate–a very large dog crate with a very large dog peeking out.  For a second, I wondered if I was misinformed about how big a cairn terrier gets.  

“That’s my puppy?” I asked as I stared at the toothy beast in horror.  

The guy looked down at his clipboard and shrugged.  “Either that one or that little guinea pig over there.”  He pointed over to a teeny tiny crate with two shiny brown eyes looking out through the gate.  I walked over, and there was my little Roo.

We are adjusting well.  I’ve only had to clean up Roo Poo a couple times from my carpet and am now trying to “bell” train her.  I carry her to the back door, ring a bell, and say “Pee Pee Time” before I take her out to go potty.  Every time I do it, she looks at me like I’m nuts–and so does Hubba.  Although he’s used to me being a little off my rocker.  And I’m sure Roo will get used to Crazy Katie Lane too:o)




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  1. Kathleen O says:

    Congrats on the new addition to the family.. Roo is a cutie…

    • Nevaeh says:

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  2. Ginna says:

    How precious! I’m sure she’ll be spoiled in no time:)

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