Tender Heart Texas Photo Shoot!

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I’ve published sixteen books. Yep, sixteen. (Pats back.)  And the Tender Heart Texas series is the first series where I got to take part in the photo shoot for the covers. And it was FUN! God blessed us with a gorgeous sunny day. The models were cute as all-get-out. The photographer amazing. My assistant a HUGE help. And my husband a sweetheart for giving up our 40th wedding anniversary for my dream. (We did get to celebrate later with dinner at Ruth Chris where he got a big ol’ porterhouse and lots of kisses.)

Tender Heart Crew: Delaina, Ryan, Amber, Katie, Brendan, Annie, and Amanda

Coming out of the dressing room tent. “Oops, I had no idea the guy models were changing.”

Chatting with a cute cowboy about what I envision. It was hard work, but someone had to do it.































































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