My Big Fat Texas Wedding!

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You’re invited to the biggest wedding of the summer! Where? Well, in a little Texas town you might remember well . . . yep, Bramble is having another wedding! This time, it’s the cute quarterback Austin Reeves from Going Cowboy Crazy and sweet Mia Cates from Catch Me a Cowboy who will be finding their happily-ever-after.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas . . .

 Super Bowl Champ, Austin Reeves rolls into his hometown of Bramble expecting a big ol’ hero’s welcome. Instead, he gets the big ol’ cold shoulder from a bunch of pissed off Texans. Completely baffled, he turns to the only person willing to talk to him—the shy girl he knew in high school. But that shy girl has become a hot woman with a fetish for riding crops . . . and soon, Austin will be begging for a long, hard ride.

Mia Cates is ready to get over her crush on Austin—especially when he’s about to tie the knot with another woman. But when he struts back into town with his lazy smile, she’ll find herself playing a game of touch football that could lead to a broken heart . . . unless, she can get up the courage to lay claim to her star quarterback and have her own Big Fat Texas Wedding.

At $2.99, this ebook novella is a steal of a deal. So get yours today!

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12 responses to “My Big Fat Texas Wedding!”

  1. Millie Swank says:

    Love the cover! Loved the book! It was so much fun to re-visit Bramble and see what that cast of characters aka the folks that live in Bramble. Austin and Mia road to a HEA was one that had me laughing and ok there was that scene with Miss Suzy Q that made me snort! Thanks for that Katie! Lol!

  2. Ada says:

    I missed Bramble, thanks for bringing us back for Austin and Mia’s HEA!! So happy we got this novella 😀

  3. Shanna Rice says:

    Just read this entire series for the very first time(I finished Last Cowboy in Texas just this morning) and I was PRAYING you would do a story for Austin and Mia!!! It’s like you received my prayers and POOF it’s ANSWERED!!! Thank you I will definitely be reading more of your books! 🙂

  4. Lee says:

    Why is this book not available on my nook?

    • Katie Lane says:

      Sorry I didn’t get back sooner, Lee. I just missed this comment due to vacation brain. The reason you can’t get it on Nook is because it’s Kindle only until the end of August. Then, hopefully, it will be out on Nook, itunes, Kobo, and other ebook vendors.

  5. Kim says:

    I absolutely Love this series and Bramble. I was wondering if My Big Fat Texas Wedding will be sold in Hard Copies as well? I understand the benefits of e-books but in my mind, nothing beats a physical book.

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