Hubba’s Day with the Stetson

Posted Apr 1 2012, 3:44 pm

When I first asked Hubba if he’d wear a cowboy hat and pose for a picture to post online, he looked at me like I’d asked him to give up golf. “Not a chance,” he said. “Get one of those models from your books to do it.” I had to explain that I didn’t know any of the cover models from my books (Well, I Facebook with one, but I didn’t think I needed to mention that;o) and that the entire idea for The Traveling Stetson was to get husbands to pose with the hat. Hubba finally agreed.

Realizing that I only had a small window of opportunity (exactly fifteen minutes before the Lobo basketball game started), I tossed him a western shirt and went in search of my digital camera. Unfortunately, my battery needed to be charged, which postponed the photo shoot until after the game. By that time, the model was hungry so we went to dinner. After dinner, he was too tired. A few days later, I finally got him cornered and snapped off a few pictures. Unfortunately, when I pulled them up on my computer I remembered something . . . I’m the worst photographer this side of the Pecos. If the pics weren’t too dark, they were too light.

Thankfully, I have two daughters who are always there for emergencies. I quickly called the youngest who vetoed the home setting and met us in Old Town where she took some great photos. What did I learn from the experience? Husbands hate to be photographed. Daughters are lifesavers. And I love a man in a cowboy hat! Check out my Traveling Stetson page and see what I mean, then be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Crazy about my cowboy!

Hubba napping while I was inside shopping for the cutest rhinestone bracelet!



9 responses to “Hubba’s Day with the Stetson”

  1. Lori says:

    Ooh I love that red bench! (The cowboy looks pretty good, too!)The pictures turned out great! Tell Hubba he did a great job!

  2. Love that first pic of you two. So cute, like newlyweds!

    • Katie Lane says:

      Thanks Jeanette. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I’m still figuring out how my website works:o( Soon it will be your turn to show off your sweetie in The Stetson. Looking forward to seeing your pic!

  3. Judy F. says:

    Both pictures are great. by the way I loved your books.

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