Halloween Arts and Crafts!

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My family is big on all holidays, but especially Halloween. We decorate the house, spend hours making costumes, and have a big bash for the grandkids. I usually let the grandkids tell me what they want me to be–I’ve been a witch who makes a brew and hands out spider rings, a gypsy who tells fortunes, and last year, I was Maleficent and had to learn the song from the Disney television movie Descendants. Sorry, no video. Some things are best forgotten. This year, my youngest granddaughter wants me to do a Witch’s Beauty Salon.( I’m not sure where this stuff comes from. I’m just the grandma who goes along with it.) So I bought some orange and black nail polish to paint their fingernails, Chapstick to give as Witch Stick, and I thought I’d put a cute bow in their hair. But when I went shopping for Halloween bows, I discovered that they aren’t cheap. So I decided to make my own. I researched on Pinterest. Bought Halloween ribbon at the Dollar Store, spider and bat rings at Walmart, clip barrette backs, hot glue sticks, and more ribbon at Hobby Lobby and set to work. First, I used an 8-inch piece of 1-inch ribbon and made a bow, then I used a 12-inch piece of skinnier ribbon and made a double bow in front. I tied the two together in the middle with a piece of string ribbon. Once the bow was finished, I cut off the back of the rings and attached to the center with hot glue, then I hot glued to the barrette. It only took me a couple hours to make seventeen, and surprisingly, they turned out pretty cute if I don’t say so myself. I am still running into hot glue string–something that one of my Facebook buds said I could get rid of with a blow dyer. The things you learn on social media. And the things we do for our grandkids.:o)

Spooky Bows

Spooky Bows

















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