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  • Just got the evil eye from the resident dog whisperer for letting Roo hang out the car window. But she only does it when she’s not driving. 1 week ago
  • Huh…what…where? (Yawns–stretches.) Hmm, didn’t plan on a nap but now I’m re-e-eally ready to write.:o) 2 weeks ago
  • Looks like I’ll be staying up @jeffekennedy Must find out what happens to Andi and her sexy shape-shifting Rayfe. Love it!#TheMarkoftheTala 2 weeks ago
  • Key to running a five-minute mile. Drink a cup of coffee followed by a Green Monster Smoothie, then take your dog for a walk. #barelymadeit 2 weeks ago
  • Oh, Inspiration, how I’ve missed you. Now sit your ass down and stay put! 2 weeks ago

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