And the Winners of A Match Made in Texas Giveaway Are . . .

Posted at Apr 18, 2014 11:27 pm

Kathleen O’Donnell and Terra Oenning!  Kathleen won a $50 Amazon gift card.  And Terra won the hot cowboy apron and book.  Congrats, Ladies!  More giveaways to come so be sure to sign up for my newsletter!















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A Match Made in Texas is Here!

Posted at Mar 25, 2014 5:11 pm in

My sixth book in the Deep in the Heart of Texas series is out today!  If you want to read Brianne and Dusty’s story, all you have to do is go to the top of this page (to the right of A Match Made in Texas cover image) and click your preferred retail button :o)





























A Match Made in Texas Blog Tour March 24-30

Posted at Mar 18, 2014 10:03 pm in

Here’s where I’ll be for my A Match Made in Texas blog tour.  You’ll find reviews about the book, fun interviews, and wa-a-ay too much information about me.  Ha!  You’ll also have a chance to win a free copy of A Match Made in Texas at each stop.  If you’re feeling a little shy about stopping by, that’s okay.  But I want you to know that all these folks are friendly and love to meet new readers.  And of course, I always enjoy chatting with you :o)  

Blog Tour

March 24th


March 25th


March 26th


March 27th


March 28th


March 29th


March 30th



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Trouble in Texas Just $1.99!

Posted at Mar 5, 2014 6:18 pm

If you haven’t joined in the fun of Miss Hattie’s Henhouse, now’s your chance.  The ebook version of Trouble in Texas is only $1.99 through March 16, 2014!

Here’s a sneak peek:  

Henhouse Rule #11: No man stays past his welcome.

There was a man in Elizabeth’s bed.

A man with huge feet that dangled off the end and an armspan that took up the entire width of her double mattress. Elizabeth was pinned beneath one of those arms. Pinned like a butterfly to a display board, she was unable to do more than stare at the ceiling and try to figure out how she had ended up in this position.

She wasn’t some impulsive woman who was easily swept off her feet. In fact, Elizabeth wasn’t impulsive at all. She prided herself on her rational thinking. Before she made any decision, she always did her homework, weighed the pros and cons, and considered every angle.

So what had made a rational woman act so irrational?

The answer came quickly enough. Shifting in his sleep, Brant’s fingers brushed the lower swell of her breast, and every nerve ending in Elizabeth’s body tingled to attention.

It seemed that while the mind could be rational, the physical body had no such ability. It functioned only on its senses.

And the man who lay next to her knew how to cover all five. He looked delectable even with morning stubble. Smelled as good as freshly baked bread. Tasted better than Josephine’s rhubarb pie. Touched her in a way that made her mindless. And whispered naughty sweet nothings that could have the strongest woman melting at his feet. Elizabeth couldn’t help but wonder if this was how Miss Hattie had started her life of sin. With one very sexy cowboy who knew his way around a woman’s body.”





















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Romance Texas Style!

Posted at Mar 3, 2014 4:47 pm in , ,

This week (March 2nd-9th) I’ll be celebrating Texas Independence Week with twenty-two other authors on Facebook.  We’ll be posting Texas pictures, chatting about our books, and giving away prizes–including a Kindle at the end of the week.  So be sure to stop by.  I’m posting on March 3 from 9am to 1:45pm CT. 


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Hunk for the Holidays in Japanese!

Posted at Feb 21, 2014 4:56 pm in

I got this in the mail the other day and I almost tackled the UPS guy in my excitement.  I’m thrilled to see Hunk for the Holidays translated into Japanese. (The spine is on the right instead of the left–so cool.)  I haven’t been given an exact date for when it will be available to the public (Hopefully soon.), but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.























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What Women Want for Valentine’s Day

Posted at Feb 14, 2014 3:17 pm in

I was listening to the radio on my way to the gym and the DJs were talking about the best gifts to get women for Valentine’s Day.  The consensus was jewelry, and I could only imagine all the guy listeners out there calculating if they had enough money in their bank accounts to adequately demonstrate their love for their ladies.  That got me to thinking about my favorite Valentine’s gifts.  Surprisingly, jewelry didn’t make the cut.  Yes, I love my diamond studs and giggled like a school girl when I opened them, but of all my gifts, my favorites are the ones that cost very little:  A giant Dove’s dark chocolate bar.  The hardcover edition of Kathleen Woodiwiss’s Shanna.  Sappy love letters texted or written on post-it notes.  The words I Love You written in the steamy glass of our bathroom mirror.  These are the gifts that always leave me misty eyed—the simple, thoughtful surprises that can only come from a man who knows and loves me. 


So to all the Last-Minute Mikes out there, I don’t think you have to empty your bank accounts to make your gal happy on Valentine’s Day.  You just need to pay attention to the things she loves . . . what kind of candy (the exact candy) or snackie does she sneak in the grocery basket or hide in her nightstand drawer?  What kind of books does she read? (romance, mystery, fantasy, literary)  Or magazines?  Does she like sappy cards or personal love letters?  What color toenail polish does she wear the most? (Dark reds? Light pinks?  I’ve never gotten a bottle from Hubba, but I think it would be so sweet.  Especially if he polished my toenails with it—Yes, I’m thinking Bull Durham.) 


Help me out ladies.  What are some of your favorite Valentine’s gifts that won’t cost a guy his beer money for a year?  Comment and be entered to win a copy of my friend Emma Cane’s True Love at Silver Creek Ranch.


Happy Valentine’s Day!











 And the winner of True Love at Silver Creek Ranch is Kimberly!!  Congrats Kim!


A Little Cowboy Humor

Posted at Feb 12, 2014 5:12 pm in



































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A Week with CA Girl

Posted at Feb 6, 2014 5:03 pm in

Due to my moaning and groaning about the cold, my oldest daughter invited me to Hermosa Beach for the week. 


Walking along Hermosa Beach


We watched the Super Bowl...or the half-time show with Bruno.

Watching the Super Bowl…or the half-time show with Bruno.



Taking in the sights:o) (I swear, this guy popped out of the swimming pool at the gym like Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  I almost fell off the elliptical.)


Watch the sun set.

Amazing sunsets.


But my favorite thing to do is sleep in--or not sleep as much as write:o)

But my favorite thing to do is sleep in–or not sleep as much as write:o)































































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All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy is Out Now!

Posted at Dec 10, 2013 4:20 pm in , , ,

If you have a hankerin’ for a cowboy this Christmas, then this is the anthology for you.  It’s three short stories that are packed full of hot cowboys who know how to heat up the holidays.  My new anthology with Emma Cane and Jennifer Ryan is out in ebook today and out in paperback on December 23rd!!  


























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