A Billionaire Between the Sheets Cover Reveal!!

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Here it is!  This is the cover of the first book in my new billionaire series!  


What do you think? Do you like the models? The pose? The colors?




















Overnight billionaires, the Beaumont brothers are thrust into life in the fast lane with exotic cars, private jets . . . and sex and success on their minds.

A commanding presence in the boardroom and the bedroom, Deacon Beaumont has come to save the failing company French Kiss. He was born to be boss in this glamorous new world of lacy lingerie and stunning supermodels. But one bold and beautiful woman dares to question his authority.

Olivia Harrington has dedicated her life to the company’s success. Just because Deacon is sexy as hell doesn’t mean he’ll make a better CEO. With a limitless supply of push-up bras and garter belts, Olivia turns her considerable feminine charms on Deacon to discover what makes him tick . . . and reveals instead the billion reasons why she wants him to stay.















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Love Notes

Posted at Mar 30, 2015 10:27 pm

Writing is one of those jobs where you don’t have a lot of interaction with people.  Social media has certainly helped, but writers still spend the majority of their time alone in a room with only their fictional characters to keep them company.  So when real people contact us to let us know that they’ve read our books and enjoyed them, it’s like our boss just walked into our office and told us “Great job!  Keep doing what you’re doing!”  It inspires us, motivates us, and just makes us want to punch the air with a big “Yeehaw!”

Since I started writing, I’ve received the most wonderful reviews, cards, letters, emails, Facebook comments, and Tweets from readers.  And each one has brightened my day and reminds me why I do what I do.  Below is an email I received last week from a reader.  And I’m still on a high from it.  

So thank you, my most precious readers.  Thank you for reading my books.  And thank you for taking the time to write, email, review, or post.  I greatly appreciate your love notes.:o) 

Dear Katie,
If you refer back to my “subject line” of this e-mail, you’ll notice that it says “A Thank You”. And that’s what this message is. I just finished The Last Cowboy in Texas, and I’m sitting here wiping tears from my eyes. I’m not sure if they are “happy” tears or “sad” tears. I SO enjoyed this series and I’m very sorry to see it end. Finding an author that makes me laugh out loud is really hard to do. But I did laugh. Starting with “If you think my truck is big” and ending with “The pig smiled.” and all of the words in between I laughed and I cried. I’m going to miss Bramble and all of the colorful characters that reside there. Thank you again for the journey. I’m looking forward to experiencing many more adventures that you care to share. God Bless.














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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

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So I did it. I did what thousands of women–and men–are doing. I went to see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Now here is where you need to stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie. Or if you are just bored silly by the entire Fifty Shades phenomenon and now hate anything to do with gray ties, spankings, and lip biting. Personally, I liked the series and was more than a little curious about how they were going to work around all the sex scenes and keep an R-rating. And I must admit that they did a phenomenal job. The sex scenes–in and out of the Red Room–were hot but tastefully done. Although, by the end of the movie, I was over seeing Dakota Johnson naked. Yes, I appreciate a beautiful body, but enough is enough. Dakota did do a great job of portraying Anastasia. She looked like a college coed and was innocent and sexy at the same time.

I did not, however, like Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. Sigh. It isn’t because he’s not cute as all-get-out. Or even sexy. He just isn’t who I had pictured as Christian Grey. I picture Christian as a confident, dark, brooding man who acts years older than his age. To me, Dornan looked and acted more innocent than Anastasia. He has sweet eyes and a button nose. He speed walks. And I burped my babies harder than some of his spankings. But I didn’t like Taylor Lautner as Jacob in the first Twilight either and ended up loving him. So maybe there’s hope.

I also didn’t like the dead air–those long pauses in the movie where people who had read the book knew exactly what the characters were thinking but people who hadn’t read the book were probably thinking WTF. Personally, I think the screenwriters needed to fill in the blanks with something called dialogue. Christian: “You’re biting your lip, Miss. Steele. Are you nervous?” Anastasia: “It’s a habit.” Christian: “One someone needs to break.” Just three or four little lines and everybody would get that Christian is into Ana’s lip biting.

And I thought it was weird that Christian gave Ana a pencil. Why would Grey Industries, a multi-billion-dollar company, have pencils rather than nice pens?

But regardless of the pencils, burpings, and innocent Christian, I liked the movie. If you’ve read the series, go see it. If you haven’t read the series, you probably should still go see it. The sex scenes alone are worth it.

Am I wrong or does it look like Dakota is the dominant and Jamie is thinking, "Holy Smokes, I'm going to get my t-shirt torn and my butt kicked."

Am I wrong or does it look like Dakota is the dominant and Jamie is thinking, “Holy Smokes, I’m going to get my t-shirt torn and my butt kicked.”


















Waiting for Sugar Bear

Posted at Feb 23, 2015 3:44 pm

My daughter CA Girl is pregnant with my third grandchild and my first grandson and she’s due any day now!  And being an excited grandma, Roo and I are already in sunny California awaiting Sugar Bear’s arrival. (That’s one of the perks of being a writer.  As long as you have your laptop, you can travel wherever you want for as long as you want.:o)

Glowing and growing and READY!

Glowing and growing and READY!

How Roo deals with all the waiting.

How Roo deals with all the waiting.

My writing view.:o)

My writing view.:o)














































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Heart to Heart Conversations

Posted at Feb 12, 2015 5:01 pm in

While shopping at Target, I stumbled across this card and had a good laugh.  At one point, Hubba’s conversations hearts would’ve included all three, but now, he drinks more Dr. Pepper than Bud, and since I started writing full-time, he’s learned to cook.  Yippee!  So the only one he’d still include is the booby one. (Yes, he’s a boob man, which doesn’t explain why he married a woman who had the nickname of Pancake in high school.)  I would also add these to his hearts . . . Where’s the Remote?  I Luv Fritos.  I Did Take the Chapstick Out of My Pocket!  

And what does he think my conversation hearts would say?  Nice Abs.  Whatever.  More Chocolate.  Did You Take the Chapstick Out of Your Pocket?  I Luv Cowboys. Ha!  After thirty-eight years, I think he knows me.





















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Katie the NEW Mexican!

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There are still some people who read my bio at the back of a book and think I live in the deserts of Mexico.  But I actually live in New Mexico, which is part of the United States–much to the disappointment of my relatives in Iowa who like to introduce me as their foreign cousin who can get bargain deals on sombreros and tequila with real worms.  And I while it’s true that I live in a desert region with lots of cactus, lizards, snakes—yes, I said snakes—and tumbleweeds (tumbleweeds that can get hooked under your car and make you think you’re having engine trouble and so you pull into a gas station where the guy removes the tumbleweed and then looks at you like you are an A-class idiot.), I also live right next to the most beautiful mountains you’ll ever see.  They are part of the Rocky Mountains–the Sandia (Watermelon) and Manzano (Apple tree.  I guess the Spaniard who named them was craving fruit at the time.) Mountains.  We have a ski area, hiking trails, campgrounds, and a tram that takes you all the way to the top of Sandia Peak. (10,678 ft)

So if you live in the USA and want to come visit me, you won’t have to go through customs.  Or if you just want to send your favorite author a huge box of chocolate, you won’t have to fill out a mile-long form and pay a buttload of money.  Unfortunately, I can’t get you any deals on sombreros and tequila with worms.:o(

Sandia Mountains with a light dusting of snow.

Sandia Mountains with a light dusting of snow.

Manzano Mountains

Manzano Mountains

Wait!  Maybe I can get you cheap sombreros and tequila.

Wait! Maybe I can get you cheap sombreros and tequila. (Me and my BFF acting silly.:o)












































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The Last Cowboy in Texas Giveaway!

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To celebrate the release of The Last Cowboy in Texas (December 16th), I’m giving away a $50 Amazon gift card and these cute cowboy boot stockings filled with some of my books.  To enter to win either of these prizes, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter. (Sign up is on my website and Facebook author home pages.)  If you’re already receiving my newsletters, you’re already signed up.  The two winners (one for the gift card and one for the stockings) will be drawn on Friday, December 19th, 2014.  So keep a lookout for an email with “Katie Lane Winner!” as the subject.  Sorry, but the stockings are only offered to folks living in the United States and can’t be sent to post office boxes.  Good luck and Happy Holidays!


And the winners are . . . Margie Hager and Jennifer Schultheis!  Congrats ladies!!



So cute!















Bring Home a Hunk for Only $1.99!

Posted at Dec 6, 2014 3:09 pm

Starting December 8, 2014, you can get the ebook version of Hunk for the Holidays (The first book in my Hunk for the Holidays series) for only $1.99!  This sale price should be available through most ebook retailers. (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Google Play, etc.)  So if you haven’t brought home a Hunk, here’s your chance at a bargain price!


Hunk for the Holidays





















Fantasy Boyfriend Team

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Every year, men spend a whole helluva lot of time talking about their fantasy football teams.  Who got drafted.  Who got traded.  Who got injured.  Who got the most yards.  And on and on and on.  And it just seems to me that if you’re going to have a fantasy, you could come up with something better to fantasize about than football.  Like maybe hot guys.  Sooo . . . I’ve decided to come up with my own Fantasy Boyfriend Team, and every week, I’ll be drafting a new player.  Feel free to join in and pick your own team. (Duplications are A-okay.)  This week, for my first-round draft choice, I’m going to choose a tight-end. For those of you who have seen the wedding episode of Outlander, you’ll understand why I chose Jamie Fraser aka Sam Heughan.  I will expect him to play in his kilt, and if he does a good job of fulfilling my fantasies, he gets a fanny pat.



















I think I need a little defense.  Someone who can really put the hammer down.  Yep, Chris Hemsworth is my man.  Because really?  Who wouldn’t want to be tackled by Chris?















Who would I love to throw a pass to?  Country singer Jake Owen welcome to Katie’s Team!

















I spend the holiday watching my favorite romantic movies.  Remember the hot office guy in Love Actually?  Yep, Rodrigo Santoro, you are my next Fantasy Boyfriend pick!  I don’t know where I’m going to put you on the team, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  And if you perform well, I might even buy you a new surfboard.  How did that happen, Dude?















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The Colors of Fall

Posted at Nov 6, 2014 1:21 am in ,

Is there any time of year more beautiful than Fall?  I took these on my morning walk with Roo.

B09znZsCQAI0kSOImage 1Image 2Image

















































































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