10 Things That Make Me Go Mmmm

Posted at Aug 30, 2012 10:04 pm

1.  Double-chocolate triple-layer cake slightly warmed (The key is just warmed enough where the frosting is to the point of oozing.)

2.  Cleaning an itchy ear with a Q-tip (Hubba has walked in on many a Q-tip orgasm.)

3.  Stepping into a hot bath after a winter walk (The little shiver that runs through your body when you dip your toe into the steamy water.)

4.  A butt massage (Now I know this sounds a little weird, but if you’ve ever had a masseuse massage or karate chop your butt cheeks, you know what I’m talking about.)

5.  Channing Tatum shirtless (Need I say more?  Good thing the man never stripped in my town.  If he had, Channing could’ve afforded a lot more acting classes and itty-bitty G-strings.)

6.  Hubba when he flexes his bicep while doing dirty work (Not that kind of dirty work.  Although that works too.)

7.  A foot massage where they stick their fingers between your tootsies and bend them back (My pigs die and go to heaven with this interlock handhold.)

8.  Stretching out on a warm sandy beach the first day of vacation (Preferably without Hubba shouting at me to join him in the ocean so he can teach me how to body surf.  I prefer to sand surf with fruity drink and romance novel.  Body surfing comes later that night–after the third fruity drink.)

9.  Getting to the car in time to scratch that itch in a very embarrassing place (Okay, so maybe that’s ahhh instead of mmm.)

10.  A good romance novel love scene (And yes, that includes mine.  I’m certainly not going to allow them to be published for you if they don’t make me go Mmmm.)



8 Responses to “10 Things That Make Me Go Mmmm”

  1. Kathleen O says:

    Oh Katie, I so agree with you on many of these items on your list…. I would like to have Tatem Channing in the bath with me, serving me that chocolate layer cake…sighhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Tammy Dodson says:

    1. Chocolate. (and lots of it!)
    2. Magic Mike – yes please!
    (Oh Channing dear, what would you do for a $20?)
    3. A really good facial. Sigh.
    4. Christian Bale in the Batman costume…and the Batmobile!
    5. A really great pedicure with red polish.
    6. The song “Come Over” by Kenny Chesney. He wouldn’t have to ask me five times! Once and I’m there!
    7. Blackberry cobbler with ice cream. Yum
    8. Fruity umbrella drink while sitting on a beach.
    9. A walk on a foggy autumn day wearing a snuggly sweatshirt.
    10. Reading about hunky cowboy heroes in Katie Lane’s books!
    Yup – that would be my list!!

    • Katie Lane says:

      I think I need to make my list longer, Tammy. Love Christian in or out of a Batman costume. Love a pedi with red polish. And Kenny can get me to come…on over anytime. But, of course, your #10 is my favorite:o)

    • Katie Lane says:

      Hey, Miss Tammy Dodson! I have a couple historical novels for you if you email me your address. Just go through my website contact.

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  4. Dollie Twomey says:

    I agree with all! I’d have to add Christian Bale, country singers Tyler Farr and George Strait(he’s good lookin for his age) and any man in a military uniform. MMMMMM YUUUUUUUMY!

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